Susanne Rohrer "srohrer(removethis)" at
Tue Oct 17 03:12:59 EST 2000

Paul Cullen wrote:

> I have been using DMPC to rid my solutions of RNases. I prepare a 1%
> DMPC solution in 50% ethanol and add this to my solutions to give a
> final concentration of 0.1% DMPC. I presume DMPC is made up in an
> ethanolic solution because it is quite insoluble.

iirc it is because DMPC reacts with water to EtOH and CO2, so it's gone.
Half life in water is ca. 20 min. at RT

> That is why I selected DMPC in the first place. Having never
> used DEPC I would like to know how to make up DEPC solutions (i.e. do
> you need to dissolve in an ethanolic solution) and I would also like to
> see a comparison of the merits of DMPC vs DEPC.

You do it exactly the same way. DEPC has the same effect and is just as
efficient, but I'd stick to DMPC because it is less cancerogenic.

See below for a post that mentions if you use clean glass (baked) or
plasticware and Millipore water, and dissolve RNA in Formamide, there is no
need for DMPC.



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