2D electrophoresis forum ???

Susanne Rohrer "srohrer(removethis)" at immv.unizh.ch
Tue Oct 17 03:20:53 EST 2000

Warren Gallin wrote:

>         The original request was for a discussion group that includes
> discussion of 2D gel electrophoresis.  On the abrf web site is a
> discussion forum.  If you go into that forum and look for threads with
> P2D in the title you will find various discussions of solving problems
> about 2D electrophoresis.

www.expasy.ch ist also a good website by some big time proteomics guys.
They have therir reproducibility worked out as well, but it's all they do.

>         As for the irreproducibility, that is a technical problem that can be
> worked out.  If you choose not to, no problem.  However perhaps it would
> be best not to hold that up as the final statement on the usefulness of
> the technique.  It's certainly not a universally held view.

I must agree with Chris that it really is expensive ($50K or so for the whole range?)
if you set it up professionally.

Nice thing I heard someone saying quoting someone else (....!)

"omics" is normal biology in a cash-rich environment.



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