Thioredoxin Fusion

Konstantin Levitsky klevitsky at
Tue Oct 17 08:03:08 EST 2000

Has anyone had good or bad experience with Novagen's Thioredoxin
fusions?  They claim it can greatly increase the amount of soluble
heterologous protein in the E.coli cytoplasm.  My protein is all in the
inclusion bodies, as is evident from Westerns on the lysate and the
pellet after sonication.  I have tried inducing at 16 degrees with 0.1mM
IPTG, but still no soluble protein.  I am afraid that my 151kDa protein
would not behave well in the renaturation protocol that is used to
purify inclusion bodies and would like to get it soluble, if possible.
Any further advice would be greatly appreciated.

Konstantin Levitsky
Biochemistry Graduate Student
Peter J. Belshaw's Group
University of Wisconsin - Madison
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