Roland Hubner rhubner at
Tue Oct 17 14:21:10 EST 2000

>>I presume DMPC is made up in an ethanolic solution because it is quite 
>iirc it is because DMPC reacts with water to EtOH and CO2, so it's gone.
>Half life in water is ca. 20 min. at RT

>> I would also like to see a comparison of the merits of DMPC vs DEPC.
>You do it exactly the same way. DEPC has the same effect and is just as
>efficient, but I'd stick to DMPC because it is less cancerogenic.


 DMPC is quite unstable in (water) solution; wasn't this a couple of 
minutes "only"? 

 Thusly, DEPC should be more efficient (usually soaked from 1 hour to 
overnight, then thoroughly autoclaved to degrade remainder... if any?)


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