Thioredoxin Fusion

R. John Lye rjl6n at
Tue Oct 17 15:27:51 EST 2000

Konstantin Levitsky wrote:

> My protein is all in the
> inclusion bodies, as is evident from Westerns on the lysate and the
> pellet after sonication.  I have tried inducing at 16 degrees with 0.1mM
> IPTG, but still no soluble protein.

What fusion tag are you using now? My (limited) experience is that
every fusion protein is a little different.  What works for one may
not work for another.  For example, in the past I've had good
results with GST tags.  However, a current construct was insoluble
with a GST tag.  Moving it to Clontech's pHAT vector made it
soluble.  I have no experience with the thioredoxin tag (but their
claims sure sound interesting).

Hope that helps,

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