Best machine for in situ PCR

Joyce Faler joycef at
Wed Oct 18 16:16:38 EST 2000

PE is licensed for use with PCR.  Hybaid is not licensed for PCR, and is
therefore cheaper.  You can purchase the license separately, which will put
you back in the same price range as PE.  I'm not familiar with Eppendorf's
licensing status.
-Joyce Faler

Neil Taylor wrote:

> Hi, We're in a position to buy a machine for in situ PCR. To start with I
> was going to pick the Perkin ElmerGene Amp InSitu machine, but then I got
> quotes from Hybaid and Eppendorf (for the Mastercycler gradient + in situ
> adaptor) which are both about 30% less expensive.
> So: Is PE charging extra just for the name?
> Is it more likely to work using a dedicated in situ machine than a normal
> PCR machine with an adaptor stuck on top?
> I would be grateful for any comments from people with experience of any of
> these machines (or any others).
> Thanks,
>             Neil

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