Ponceau S stain??

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At 11:40 PM 10/17/00 -0600, Neal Robert Melvin wrote:
>Does anyone have a protocol for staining nitrocellulose membranes?

1% in 0.1% acetic acid
Soak the NC follwing transfer for 1 min.
Pour off the stain for re-use (can be reused several times).
Rinse off the excess stain with DI water and you'll see the bands clearly.
Red bands against white (Of course!).

>What is the approximate sensitivity threshold for Ponceau?

Not sure; but works fine for most runs. It is slightly higher than CBB-R.

>Can a western always be done after staining with Ponceau?

Yes. Destaining, IMO, is optional, since it occurs during blocking anyway.
The blocking solution (red, afterwards) can be re-used w/o problem.

Photography is also possible! Use incident light. 

BTW, I'm an alumnus of UofC. :)

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