MBP-Fusion Purification

Timm Maier tmaier at chemie.fu-berlin.de
Thu Oct 19 02:40:08 EST 2000

Hi everyone !
I need a chromatography packing material for semi-prep-scale purification
of MBP-fusion proteins, a material resistant to high pressure ( like Poros
or TSKgel material ) would be best. Does anyone know a supplier for such
material or a protocol for preparing such, e.g. from Maltoheptaose?
Dextrins as well as Amylose are leaking, at least at higher flow rates,
and I can't deal with sugars in my protein preparations!
Many thanks 



                 TIMM MAIER
                           Institut fuer Kristallographie
                           14195 Berlin

                           tmaier at chemie.fu-berlin.de                   

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