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Hello Paul.
> Why does glass in the capillaries stuff up PCR using standard buffers?

You need BSA in the mix to prevent enzyme denaturation on the borosilicate
capiliaries. I don't have a light cycler but do have something similar IE
a Rapidcycler.  The borosilicate will also absorb Mg2+ so you need a conc
of min 3mM. 4mM should be OK for a standard reaction.

I should say that I have no afiliation with the folowin company BUT::::: do a nice enzyme mix (I don't think they can call it a light
cycler mix) that has a range of premix concs with BSA. I'm sure Duncan
will be alng in a sec. :-)
> We had a light cycler on loan and I found that I could not even
> reproduce many reactions that I carry out routinely?

see above
> Another interesting question is why does it take more cycles?

new to me?
> Just curious!

Bob; Sunny Scotland (very) :-)
PS I'm back with the forcasts after breaking my news again. :-)

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