Ponceau S stain??

Michael L. Sullivan mlsulliv at facstaff.wisc.edu
Mon Oct 23 10:31:52 EST 2000

Don't recall what the original question was, but I thought this might be of
some interest to people who want to stain their western blots.  A former
collegue  of mine stained his PVDF western blots with coomassie AFTER
processing and imaging the immunoblot.  I was very surprised that this
worked.  Since we were blocking with milk, I had figured the whole blot
would be blue.  It looked very blue when stained and even after a brief
destain, but upon drying, bands were clearly visible.  A blot stained this
way has to be scanned or photocopied though, becuase the stain will fade
over time.  I never tried to reprobe a blot stained this way, so I'm not
sure if that would work, but the method is sure simple, and most everybody
has coomassie stain around


>I've also been using Amido black die to stain the membranes after blotting.
>Same procedure as for Ponceau (0.1% dye in 1% acetic acid). Amido black is
>almost the same sensitive as Coomassie, whereas Ponceau is much less
>sensitive (moreover, blue stains are better viewable and easier to make a
>good photocopy than red).

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