rRNA visualization in formaldehyde gels

Michael L. Sullivan mlsulliv at facstaff.wisc.edu
Mon Oct 23 10:48:08 EST 2000

>I can not see any rRNA on the formaldehyde gel.
>The protocol is the one in Current Protocols : agarose gel, formaldehyde and
>MOPS. The loading buffer is sterile filtrated and then DEPC treated and

Add EtBr to either the sample (as Susan suggested) or to the gel and buffer
(I use 10 ug per 100 ml).  Staining after running I think is less sensitive
(most people don't have the patience to stain and de-stain, plus diffusion
might be a problem).

>Is the detection level in the range 500 ng or can I see like 20 ng?

Certainly 500 ng would be pretty easily seen.  20 ng is probably too little
to see.  I think there are stains that might be more sensitive than EtBr
though (Cyber green maybe?), if you really need to see less.  Hope this



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