rRNA visualization in formaldehyde gels

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> >Hi.
> >
> >I can not see any rRNA on the formaldehyde gel.
> >
> >The protocol is the one in Current Protocols : agarose gel, formaldehyde and
> >MOPS. The loading buffer is sterile filtrated and then DEPC treated and
> >autoclaved.

Why not use a test gel with 1% agarose and denature the RNA for 10 mins @
60C in 3:1 formaldehyde/formamide then run for 1 hour @ 75V.

You should see the bands no problem. PS you could add EtBr to the gell at
the conc below.

Cyber Green is more sensitive. Ask Molecular Probes for freebie. :-)
> Add EtBr to either the sample (as Susan suggested) or to the gel and buffer
> (I use 10 ug per 100 ml).  Staining after running I think is less sensitive
> (most people don't have the patience to stain and de-stain, plus diffusion
> might be a problem).
> >
> >Is the detection level in the range 500 ng or can I see like 20 ng?
> Certainly 500 ng would be pretty easily seen.  20 ng is probably too little
> to see.  I think there are stains that might be more sensitive than EtBr
> though (Cyber green maybe?), if you really need to see less.  Hope this
> helps.
> Mike
Bob; Rainy Scotland

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