Best machine for in situ PCR

Joyce Faler joycef at
Mon Oct 23 16:12:30 EST 2000

Good to know that Hybaid is authorized.  While I don't get to buy new machines
very often, each time I like to investigate the status of the PCR licensing.
I've seen some nice-looking machines advertized at very nice prices, only to
find that the PCR license is not included.
-Joyce Faler

"Dr. Duncan Clark" wrote:

> In article <39EE1336.E07AD0BA at>, the eminent Joyce Faler at
> Fish Genetics Lab, Aquaculture Research Institute, UI wrote
> >PE is licensed for use with PCR.  Hybaid is not licensed for PCR, and is
> >therefore cheaper.  You can purchase the license separately, which will put
> >you back in the same price range as PE.  I'm not familiar with Eppendorf's
> >licensing status.
> Both Hybaid and Eppendorf PCR machines are authorised, so they say.
> Duncan
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