New source for oligo dT cellulose

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We are a french company ( working with many top
suppliers. We can sell you reliable oligodT cellulose (1g or 5g packaging).
The purified mRNA can be recovered using the Low salt elution buffer. A High
salt loading buffer is also available for use with the oligodT. If you are
interested in these products you can ask for a quotation at
sales at
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Fabien Jovelin

Katherine Hamil wrote:

> I am looking for a new source of oligo dT cellulose.
> For the last 15 years, my gold standard for polyA preparation was oligo
> dT cellulose (type II) from Collaborative Research (now part of the
> Becton-Dickenson conglomeration). Today when I went to order more, I was
> told that they have stopped making any of their oligo dT cellulose
> resins due to quality control problems.
> I know there are many other sources out there, but I know they are not
> all created equal. Any tried and true sources you can recommend to me.
> Please post to the group, or to me directly.
> Thanks for the help.
> Katherine Hamil
> Research Analyst, Labs for Reproductive Biology
> University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
> khamil at
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