Maxiprep woes

Martin Chan genetic_judge at
Tue Oct 24 10:42:12 EST 2000

"Susanne Rohrer" <"srohrer(removethis)"> ¼¶¼g©ó¶l¥ó
news:39F589DA.B9E342ED at
> For the n-th time I have done a Plasmid prep and got a really low yield.
> I really hate them. We have tried qiagen

I feel very happy using Qiagen QIAfilter midi system with described yield,
i.e. ~100ug plasmid. One of the tips is to give more time (except the lysis
step) than that mentioned in the protocol. When the manual says "incubate
for 10 min", give 30 min instead, etc.

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