Cheap cellophan source

Michael L. Sullivan mlsulliv at
Wed Oct 25 10:33:23 EST 2000

Years ago, we bought cellophane from a company called Flexel.  They would
sell a "small" (35 lbs) "demo" roll of cellophane for dirt cheap.  I don't
know if they still do this or not (I think they were starting to wise up
that us scientists were generally paying much more!).

Unfortunatley I don't know the address and a quick web search didn't turn
up anything useful (although I also didn't try very hard)

Hope this helps a little.


>Does anybody know a cheap source of cellophane for drying gels? Biotech
>companies stocks are overpriced. Any clues wellcome.
>Alternatively, who does sell cellophane in Europe, besides expensive
>BioRad and Pharmacia?
>Rafael Maldonado
>Divison of Genetics
>University of Alicante (Spain)

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