Cheap cellophan source

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Thu Oct 26 05:23:06 EST 2000

The cheapest wrap from the supermarket does it, when you want to 
cover gels on whatman paper for drying. For drying gels that should 
be kept transparent, we wrapped them in a special kind of cellophane 
that is offered for marmelade preservation: it is rectangular (approx 
30x30 cm) and has the brand name "deti". We obtained it from local 
houshold stores. There is a website , but I don't know if 
this is the manufacturer. 


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> Rafael Maldonado wrote:
> > Does anybody know a cheap source of cellophane for drying gels?
> > Biotech companies stocks are overpriced. Any clues wellcome.
> >
> > Alternatively, who does sell cellophane in Europe, besides
> > expensive BioRad and Pharmacia?
> We have a roll of household cellophane, presumably thought for
> making preserves. In Switzerland you can buy cellophane rounds for
> airtight closure of jam/marmelade jars. They should be cheap.
> unfortunately they are round.
> Maybe you should check out a household supplies store.
> susanne
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