sigma enhanced avian RT-PCR Kit

Johannes Winkler "uzs01b"" at
Thu Oct 26 10:20:42 EST 2000

Robert Hartley wrote:
> In article <39F0A1A2.EF747851 at>, rchow <rchow at> wrote:
> > Hi,
> > Has anyone had experience with the Sigma Avian RT First Strand Synthesis
> > kit? I am searching for such kits and this one looked good
> Why use a kit? All they have is OligodT or Randon hex's and a bit of AMV.

I guess you are talking about the more heat-stable RT kit Sigma has on
offer? The enzyme is OK, but quite a few companies have similar enzymes
on offer (like Qiagen, I think). If you buy it here in Germany, it is
actually cheaper to get the kit than get the enzyme alone ... weird.
Otherwise, if standard AMV will do, don't go for a kit ... chances are
you have most of the req'd stuff anyway ...


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