search for a device allowing both dialysis and smooth concentration

Louis RENAULT louis.renault at
Thu Oct 26 11:06:25 EST 2000

Dear Colleagues,
We are looking for a device that allows
both protein dialysis and smooth concentration by atmospheric pressure.

Here is the kind of setup we refer to:
Dialysis is made inside dialysis membranes
in a bottle/reservoir (500-1000 ml) which can be closed
hermetically. One extremity of the membrane is not
in the solution but is opened to the air.
Concentration starts with this set-up
by introducing vacuum inside the closed bottle, then the atmospheric
pressure pushes the sample inside the dialysis membrane
and concentrates it VERY SMOOTHLY.

This double function of the device is especially appropriate
-to test a large variety of buffers for solubilizing proteins or protein
   complexes to high concentration (10-20 mg/ml at least) when these samples are
   poorly-soluble and fragile in solution
-to avoid protein denaturation or that most of the protein (50 to 70%)
   stick to the membrane upon concentration by centrifugation
   (it happens for us with centricon, microcon, ... systems)
-to obtain the highest possible concentration of the sample
   in a buffer containing a minimum content of salt (less than 50 mM)

Such devices were previously sold
at MERCK or Fischer companies (Micro-ProDICon device)
or Sartorius (Kollodiumhülsen-Glashalter)
but are not available any more.

Does anyone know where we can buy such device ?

Any help will be greatly appreciated
yours sincerely,
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