mercapto in transformation?

Emir ekhatipo at
Thu Oct 26 15:39:19 EST 2000

Your question made me worry that I actually provided the wrong information
in my previous post, and I almost started feeling guilty for that. I did not
know the answer myself, but came across it accidentally. The information
about the BME actually leaked (:-)) in Stratagene's Lambda CE6 Induction kit
(cat #235200). Look at the page 1 and 5 of the manual (see their website).
It clearly states there the concentration and what BME is used for ("to
increase transformation efficiency 2- or 3-fold"), and BME is actually
called BME and not a fancy-gold-super-duper-BME. However, since the gold one
is actually called a mix, I assume it may contains additional stuff that
boosts the efficiency even further (2-3 times is not a lot really, it's just
30 clones per plate instead of 10), but as soon as you are happy with plain
BME I guess it's OK to use it.

"Susanne Rohrer" <"srohrer(removethis)"> wrote in message
news:39F7E43D.E4E60AD4 at
> Emir wrote:
> > 1.42M BME, i.e., 1/10 dilution of concentrated BME. You still have to
> > the 1/10 soln 10 times more to use for transformation.
> > I guess that the difference of you BME and Stratagene's is that their
> > same expensive as gold 8-). Just use the purest BME and you'll be fine.
> Where did you get that from? I think I'll try that next time. This is for
> shock cells, if I understood the original post correctly?
> Susanne

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