Cheap cellophan source

Stephen Dahl stayve-and-irayne at
Thu Oct 26 23:37:10 EST 2000

Robert Hartley <rh at> wrote in message
news:rh-2610001235070001 at
> I user Saran wrap which is perfect for the job.
> One thing to not is the cheaper celophanes are not as sticky and these are
> the ones you want. That way when you rip it tou dont end up with the wrap
> all stuck together. Saran wrap is not self sticky until it is really
> streched.

Whoa!  Are we talking drying down gels on a vacuum gel dryer or in
plexiglass frames resulting in a clear and flexible gel?  If the latter you
MUST use cellophane and the real stuff at that.  Fake cellophane is made of
plastic and will not become flexible when wet.  One company that sells a big
roll (not cheap, but a lot!--$45 US  dollars for 50 meter roll) is idea

I have no affiliation with the company.  Otherwise, Some manufacturers of
dialysis tubing sell similar material in sheets.

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