CA repeat polymorphism

Ma. Sheila M de Jesus msmj at
Fri Oct 27 20:41:17 EST 2000

Dear all,

Can someone shed light on CA repeats polymorphism determination using microsatellitism.  I am currently doing a research project on the molecular evaluation of hemophiliacs by doing PCR using primers flanking the intron 22 and intron 13.  Polymorphisms on intron 22 can be determined using restriction enzyme digestion which is easy.  However on intron 13 where there are CA repeats, RFLP cannot be done and in articles, microsatellitism is the method of choice.  

I wonder if someone can provide a "user-friendly" info on CA repeat polymorphism or microsatellitism information and basic protocol as well.

Thank you in advance!

Ma. Sheila M. de Jesus
Research Center for the Natural Sciences
University of Santo TOmas



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