growth of MCF10A mammary epithelial cells

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Mon Oct 30 02:58:03 EST 2000

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> We wish to grow some MCF10A mammary epithelial cells. These seem to
> a fairly complex medium according to ATCC. Has anyone used a simpler
> with success.
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> Alex
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> 61-(0)8-8222 7676

I used the complex medium, (both serum-free and serum-containing) and found
out the following:

1)You can omit the choleratoxin; cells still grown although a little slower.
2) They also grown in high glucose DMEM with 10%FCS, PenStrep, supplemented
with 5ug/ml Hydrocortisone and 10ug/ml Insulin

Hope this is of some help to you.

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