Free software for sequence analysis

Lars Hennig lhennig at
Sun Oct 29 09:45:59 EST 2000

This is to announce of the release of the latest version of the software

package WinPep/WinGene.

WinPep 2.2 is an application for Win95/98/2000/NT for simple analysis of

polypeptide sequences. It is possible to :

  - retrieve length and amino acid composition of the sequence
  - calculate the molecular weight
  - estimate the Isoelectric Point
  - estimate the Molar Absorption Coefficient at 280 nm
  - obtain pattern of peptide fragments resulting from sequence specific

  - identify potential posttranslational modifications
  - search for sequence motifs
  - display part of an amino acid sequence as helical wheel.
  - display a hydropathy plot of the sequence
  - display a sketch of the domain structure
  - analyze physico-chemical properties of multiple sequences

Text output can be printed or copied into text processing software. The
graphic displays (helical wheel, hydropathy plot, sketch of domain
structure) can be printed or copied into other Windows applications as
well. Further modification or formatting can be carried out.

WinGene 2.0 is a sister application of WinPep for Windows95/98/2000 and
Win NT for analysis of nucleotide sequences. It is possible to :

  - reverse complement a given sequence,
  - translate the sequence in all reading frames and identify ORFs,
  - export polypeptides encoded by a given ORF into WinPep
  - perform a oligomer analysis (base composition and melting
  - perform a restriction analysis.

System Requirements:
 OS: Windows95, Windows98, Windows 2000, WindowsNT  3 MB disk space
(Sorry, Mac versions are not available at the moment.)

Private and academic users may use and distribute WinPep2.2/WinGene2.0

Feel free to download the software ant give it a try:

Best regards,


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