Beckman sequencer problems

Ivo Rieu irieu at
Tue Oct 31 06:40:53 EST 2000

Hello, I would like to come in contact with people that are using a
Beckman CEQ2000 sequencer for DNAseq.analysis.
The problem we have here is that the result is very variable. If we do
the same sequences multiple times, one may be very nice, the other crap.

We have the feeling that we are working on the edge of what the
sequencer can handle, so sometimes it is just allright, while the next
time the sample we try to sequence is just out the range the sequencer
can handle. And we don't know wether what is out of range is the amount
of template, the salt or something else that is not optimal. The most
observed thing that goes wrong is a unstable, decreasing current, and a
very late loading of the sample on the column (what is cause and what is
- Any idea what we do wrong ?
- Maybe someone has made some modifications to the original protocol
that improve the sequencing ?
- ??

Ivo Rieu
Dept. Plant Cell Biology
University of Nijmegen
The Netherlands
irieu at

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