pBabeHygro, pBabeBleo and pBabeNeo sequences

Jim Gore jag at post.queensu.ca
Tue Oct 31 07:52:10 EST 2000

Hello again folks!

Well, now that some people have helped me with the pBabe-Puro sequence,
I've had requests from others in our lab and elsewhere for the
pBabeHygro, pBabeBleo and pBabeNeo sequences which, of course, I don't
have.  Locating these has been as frustrating as was the first.  So,
once again, I'm requesting any assistance anyone can provide.  If you do
have one or al, plain text versions would be greatly appreciated.

As I said to a fellow in a message earlier this morning, it would be so
helpful to everyone if  COMPLETE  sequences were published along with
the description of new constructs, just in case they become commonly
used.  It would save people from having to look through a whole stack of
papers, all referring to each other, and then try to piece the thing
together.  And, in some cases, that doesn't work because some/none of
the sequences referred to were never published.

Thanks, in advance, to anyone able to provide me with the pBabeHygro,
pBabeBleo and pBabeNeo sequences.  I am forever in your debt.

Jim Gore
Cancer Research Labs
Queen's University
Kingston, Ontario

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