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Actually, the convenience of using SRS6 depends on services installed, how
they are implemented and so on. The SRS6 server at EBI does not have much on
the side of applications you can launch to process your BLAST results
(although the list of databases is impressive), but go e.g. to and you'll be able to BLAST, click the IDs of
your hits, select NClustalW from a dropdown box, click the 'Launch' button
and there you go.


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> > Maybe you could post a summary of your replies or
> > give the details about Friard's fasta-blast scan
> > that you mention.  I don't think I was following

> Good idea.  This was my problem:  I wanted to extract the top hits from a
> BLAST search and obtain the sequences as a FASTA file, so as to do a
> multiple alignment including my query sequence.  These were the
> suggestions.

> (2) Do BLAST at an SRS6 server, then take the results to ClustalW (I don't
> find this one very convenient)

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