Hand-held homogenizers in micro-centrifuge tubes

Mark Dowton Mark_Dowton at uow.edu.au
Tue Sep 5 18:19:12 EST 2000

A cheaper alternative is to flame melt an ART-tip into the eppendorf.  I
routinely do this with P200 tips for 0.6 ml tubes.  Just flame melt the
last 5 mm or so of a P200 tip in a bunsen flame, place the melt into the
bottom of the eppendorf with a little pressure, allow to cool for a
minute or so, then pull the solidified tip straight out (if you twist it
breaks at the join between the melt and the rest of the tip).  I haven't
tried it, but it might work with P1000 in a 1.5 ml tube.

Luke Newman wrote:

> We have inherited some plastic homogenizer pestles that fit into
> 1.5 ml micro-centrifuge tubes. They are very useful for dispersing
> soft tissues into lysis buffer and we would like to buy some more.
> However, the ones we've got have no manufacturer's mark and no-one
> can remember where they were bought from. I have scoured deja.com
> and the catalogues of our major suppliers of consumables. Can anyone
> give me a hint where to look ?
> Many thanks for your help.
> Luke Newman
> e.l.newman at dundee.ac.uk

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