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Hello Mounir, 

Clare Chemical <> produces 
an item called the "Dark Reader" that emits *visible* blue 
light (~450nm) and excites EtBr, Sybr dyes, and GFP at 
this secondary excitation wavelength avoiding UV hazards. 
Their web site has lots of information and GFP and DNA gel 

Also, AlphaInnotech <> supplies 
a "UV to Chromalight blue" conversion screen that will 
convert any standard UV transilluminator into one that 
emits around 460nm (visible blue) and will excite the above 

Yet another company that makes a similar product albeit 
a little more sophisticated (i.e. more expensive) is 
Light Tools Research <> 
Their web site also has lots of information and GFP 

With all of these I think that you will also need an 
orange filter that they will supply.  Supposedly it is 
easier to see GFP containing bacteria on plates with 
blue light because there is no autofluorescence of the 
agar/media that is seen with UV excitation, and of course 
there is much less DNA damage. 

Hope this helps, 
Brad Turner [no affiliations] 

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On Thu, 31 Aug 2000, MOUNIR IZALLALEN wrote: 

> Hi, 
> Do you know of any mean to observe gfp-producing bacterial colonies on 
> agar plate without using UV light. 
> Thank you, 
> Mounir 


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