TOP10- good strain for DNA sequencing?

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Thu Sep 7 07:53:26 EST 2000

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> Has anyone had any problems with sequencing plasmid vectors cloned in E
> TOP10 (Invitrogen)? I have found that it gives me very low signals from
> to time and sometimes the signals tail off prematurely. Has this got
> anything to do with the carbohydrates it produces? Is there anyway to get
> round this apart from using another strain? Which ones are good in this
> repsect. Many thanks.

Strains are one of those funny things where everyone has a personal
experience.  I'd say a good quality kit will overcome strain problems most
times (eg Promega Wizard).  Have a read of the Promega or Qiagen literature,
they normally talk about preferred strains for plasmid sequencing.
Personally I've found TOP10 OK but it wouldn't be top of my list.  XL1-Blue
is often touted as a star performer in this respect.

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