TOP10- good strain for DNA sequencing?

Bas Jansen basjhj at
Thu Sep 7 08:10:52 EST 2000

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>Strains are one of those funny things where everyone has a personal
>experience.  I'd say a good quality kit will overcome strain problems most
>times (eg Promega Wizard).  Have a read of the Promega or Qiagen
>they normally talk about preferred strains for plasmid sequencing.
>Personally I've found TOP10 OK but it wouldn't be top of my list.  XL1-Blue
>is often touted as a star performer in this respect.

I remember a Perkin Elmer dude saying that it is best to use DH10B or the
good ol' DH5alpha. Definitely not the JM or HB series, in any case. We've
also had some trouble with TOP10 cells.

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