EtOH ppt of DNA, what's wrong with this strategy?

Chris LaRosa clarosa at
Thu Sep 7 13:01:06 EST 2000

Peter O'Brien wrote:
> There's got to be a reason for adding  NaOAc to the aqueous DNA solution
> BEFORE adding the EtOH.  Is this an absolute necessity?
> I'm doing >1000X precipitations/day of PCR products in 96 well plates, and
> am trying to save time, effort, and pipette tips in any way possible.  Will
> the ppt still work if I make a mix of the 95% EtOH and NaOAc then add it all
> at once?
>I have been mixing the NaOAC and ethanol together for ppt of pcr products.... no problems have been observed when it is done for pcr products and for sequencing products...

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