Summary & References: freeze-thaw sucrose gradients

Dima Klenchin klenchin at
Thu Sep 7 20:07:31 EST 2000

bsturner at (Bradley Turner) wrote:

>Thank you to everyone for your help in tracking down information
>and sharing protocols about a very interesting technique for 
>(mass)producing sucrose gradients.  Below I've listed the various
>methods that were sent to me along with some references from 
>Medline that I found on the topic.  I hope others will also
>find this helpful.

You also requested an explanation why they form. Have you got one?
It's really simple: 1) ice floats, 2) freezing point of most solutions is 
below freezing point of water; the more solute, the less freezing point.

The two combined make you a nice gradient if you freeze slowly

        - Dima

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