100% ethanol

Michelle Gleeson Michelle.Gleeson at uts.edu.au
Sun Sep 10 16:15:12 EST 2000

We were always told that the 100 % ethanol is manufactured from ~95 % 
by extraction with benzene, to remove the last of the water.  But maybe 
this was to put us off making cocktails with it ;-)

Molecular Parasitology Unit
University of Technology, Sydney

> Martin Chan wrote:
> > 
>  Dear all,
> I was told (without explanation) to use 99.7% instead of 100% ethanol
> in DNA precipitation. Is there any reasons behind?

Chris La Rosa wrote:
> Unless you use anhydrous ETOH , any open bottle of ETOH absorbs water
> from the air, so becomes less than 100 percent.  I always was told it
> becomes 95 percent.


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