DNA-binding protein

Andy Scotter pcxajs at unix.ccc.nottingham.ac.uk
Tue Sep 12 03:19:24 EST 2000

	We use Surface Plasmon Resonance to analyse Protein-DNA
binding.  It does require a sample of pure protein and biotinylated DNA
for immobilisation onto the chip surface (or you could immobilise the
protein via amine coupling and pass the dsDNA over the bound protein but
it is easier to immobilise the smaller of the two).  This is a specialised
piece of kit, we are lucky enough to have one here in our labs, and I know
not everyone can get on to one.  Could you do melting points on the dsDNA
and then the dsDNA with your DNA binding proteins?  I know that it works
for intercalators/groove binding agents.




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