native agarose electrophoresis of megadalton protein complexes

Rick Thorne rthorne at
Tue Sep 12 05:21:43 EST 2000

Dear Andrew,

    I recently saw in a Cell paper an "old fashioned" technique called blue
native gel electrophoresis used for separation of very large complexes. The
resolution looked nice! I don't think it was agarose based which might be an
advantage for your studies.



"A. J. Bowling" wrote:

> has anyone out there had any experience and/or luck separating large
> (megadalton) native protein complexes on agarose gels?  in fact, any info on
> electrophoresing proteins in agarose gels would be useful (ie TAE buffer or
> normal acrylamide buffers, or something else?)  im having trouble getting the
> coomassie out of the gel after staining.  any ideas about this?
> thanks in advance!
> andrew bowling
> university of texas at austin

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