Digital Cameras and UV light box

Sigurður E. Vilhelmsson sigurdvi at
Tue Sep 12 07:32:56 EST 2000

In article <39BE176C.4ADAC644 at>, "R. John Lye" 
<rjl6n at> wrote:
> I'm not Nick, but we demo'ed the Kodak system when we were
> in the market.  The pictures looked good, and the software was
> pretty useful.  However, it was *extremely* slow.  It took forever
> to load and find the camera. Setting the exposure, and actually
> taking the photo were slow but manageable, but it then took ages
> to transfer the photos to the computer.  It was far too cumbersome
> for our use where lots of different people use the system, so we
> bought a different system.
> Hope that helps,
> John

Thanks John.  Which system did you get in the end, and are you 
satisfied?  Do you think interface or computer system might have 
impacted Kodak system?  The new system uses USB, and with a fast iMac or 
PIII it might be usable no?  What system config did you run it on?

Best, and thanks,

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