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> > Hi Nick,
> >
> > Do you have the Kodak system?  What is your opinion of it?  I have been
> > looking at digital cameras and complete systems, and the Kodak one seems
> > like a relatively good deal.  Do you use their software as well?
> > Opinion again?
> I'm not Nick, but we demo'ed the Kodak system when we were
> in the market.  The pictures looked good, and the software was
> pretty useful.  However, it was *extremely* slow.  It took forever
> to load and find the camera. Setting the exposure, and actually
> taking the photo were slow but manageable, but it then took ages
> to transfer the photos to the computer.  It was far too cumbersome
> for our use where lots of different people use the system, so we
> bought a different system.
> Hope that helps,
> John

We have the old Kodak EDAS120 system based on the Kodak DC120 camera. (It
uses the old Mac serial port, which made it hard to upgrade the computer,

I concur about the speed of the system. Even if the transfer rate was
faster, just setting it up and getting the image is slower than using a

Howver, the image quality is good, and the quantification software is
easy to use.

Basically, if I want to take a quick print to stick in my notebook, I use
a Polaroid, but if need a digital image and/or need to do densitometry
(you can also do white light box for autorads or stained gels as well),
then I use the Kodak.


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