Digital Cameras and UV light box

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Tue Sep 12 10:40:59 EST 2000

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> "Sigurður E. Vilhelmsson" wrote:
> > How much was the GelPrint, compared to the Kodak system?
> Well, I wasn't going to compare prices because we got a salesman's
> demo unit (for less than $1000 complete with camera, printer, camera
> stand, monitor and computer, as I recall), but even the full price was
> quite a bit less than the Kodak system that we were looking at.
> > The Genomic
> > Solution website indicates that some restructuring has been going on, so
> > I am not sure they offer GelDoc systems any more.
> Yeah, I think that they have gone in a different direction and no longer
> offer the documentation systems, which is too bad.
> Cheers,
> John

Thanks again.  The quest goes on .)


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