Digital Cameras and UV light box

Sigurður E. Vilhelmsson sigurdvi at
Tue Sep 12 10:42:51 EST 2000

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> We have the old Kodak EDAS120 system based on the Kodak DC120 camera. (It
> uses the old Mac serial port, which made it hard to upgrade the computer,
> grrr).
> I concur about the speed of the system. Even if the transfer rate was
> faster, just setting it up and getting the image is slower than using a
> Polaroid.
> Howver, the image quality is good, and the quantification software is
> easy to use.
> Basically, if I want to take a quick print to stick in my notebook, I use
> a Polaroid, but if need a digital image and/or need to do densitometry
> (you can also do white light box for autorads or stained gels as well),
> then I use the Kodak.
> Nick

Thanks for your thoughts on the matter.  Looks like the Kodak setup is 
not the solution we are looking for.  Should be easy and relatively fast 
to use.  Have to try to get the rep to set up a demo for us though.  
That can be tough when you run a lab in a small country up in the North 
Atlantic :)

Best regards,
Siggi (in Iceland)

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