Short sequences!

T V Naga Rama Chander chander at
Tue Sep 12 12:52:49 EST 2000

is it gc rich seq?
whether or not use dmso in the sample. search for the article.
if i get it i w'd post it.

usuallu g+c rich seq are difficult to read.
we ahd the same problem earlier.


On 12 Sep 2000, Carlos Vergara wrote:

> Hello, you all!
> We have been experiencing problems with our ABI 377.
> Over the last weeks, we have seen a continual decline in our sequencing s=
amples quality gave short sequences that the signals decreased after 300 bp=
> We are using good DNA template extracted by phenol/chlorophorm method,
> very well PCR products purified from low melting point agarose gel with g=
> and cycle sequencing products cleaned by sephadex columns.=20
> Recently, our ABI 377 was checked and no found it technical problems.
> Does any have experience, comments or solution to the problem?
> Thanks for all kind responses in advance!
> Carlos Vergara
> vergarac at
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