Making own gel dryer

Sean Patterson seanpat at
Wed Sep 13 08:06:56 EST 2000

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><gkrause at> wrote:
>>How can I make my own gel dryer for plyacrylamide gels?  Already have vacuum
>>pump and oven.  Thanks.
>Unless you need must not cover one side of the gel with anything
>(as in 3H/fluorography), there is absolutely no reason to use any
>specialized gel dryer. Equilibrating the gel with 3-5% glycerol,
>placing it between two cellophane sheets in plastic frame (about
>two dollars to make) and letting dry (room temp or up to +70) does
>it much more conveniently.
>- Dima

	What is the inconsistency between fluorography and cellophane
sheets? Since the fluorophore converts the low energy beta into light I
assumed that there would be no problem. On the other hand, I am also
getting very weak signals now...



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