Making own gel dryer

Rob Jordan rjordan at
Wed Sep 13 17:11:40 EST 2000

> Unless you need must not cover one side of the gel with anything
> (as in 3H/fluorography), there is absolutely no reason to use any
> specialized gel dryer. Equilibrating the gel with 3-5% glycerol,
> placing it between two cellophane sheets in plastic frame (about
> two dollars to make) and letting dry (room temp or up to +70) does
> it much more conveniently.

Actually you can put a piece of plastic wrap (e.g. Saran wrap) between one
side of the gel and the cellophane. Then when the gel is dry you can remove
the one piece of cellophane and the plastic wrap thus exposing the gel. This
is how I used to measure dsb repair in dried agarose gels with 14C labelled
DNA (you also need a storage densitometer or a lot of time).

Just be sure that the piece of plastic wrap is smaller than the pieces of

Much easier than chopping up the gel and counting by LSC, though not as easy
as SYBR Gold staining and just scanning the gel which is what I do now.


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