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Gauthier , Eric EGauthier at
Thu Sep 14 07:58:54 EST 2000

I am trying to establish stable mammalian cell lines 
expressing a transfected gene by G418 selection in CHO 
I treat the transfected cells with G418 @ 400ug/ml (I 
assume this is this enough ?) but don't see extensive 
cell death or gain much expression after 2 weeks 

A few things come to mind: 

1. In order to ensure that only transfected cells are selected, you should
perform a dose-response experiment  with G-418. Try to cover a range of
G-418 that extends from 50 to 1500 ug/ml (this can be easily done in 96-well
plate and using a spectrophotometric method- like the MTT assay- to measure
cell viability). Some cell lines require much more than 400ug/ml G-418 for
effective selection: if you don't get this one right, you will never get
your clones...

2. Cell death with G-418 is usually complete after 1 week or so.

Could the problem be that I use Lipofectamine 2000 and 
get so much DNA into the cells that too many of them 
remain resistant to the G418 ? Might a less efficient 
transfection protocol like calcium phosphate work 
better in the long run ? 

The transfection procedure has nothing to do with the selection process


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