Antifoam in DNA isolation?

clarosa clarosa at
Thu Sep 14 12:42:00 EST 2000

Vince Mulholland wrote:

> I want to use a mixer-mill to disrupt plant leaf material for DNA
> isolation. The lysis solution I want to use contains SDS, so will
> produce a lot of bubbles. If I can't minimise the formation of bubbles
> there will be a real risk of cross-contamination of the DNA (for use in
> PCR). Is there an antifoam which is compatible with most types of DNA
> isolation reagents?

There was a recent thread where the purpose of isoamyl alcohol in
minipreps was discussed.   Reportedly, it was a antifoaming agent if I
recall correctly.  1 part in 25 is the amount used and I would assume it
to be compatable... perhaps a long shot. but adding the alcohol to your
buffer and doing the mixing can take what,, 2 minutes?

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