Which strand of a plasmid is replicated?

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>Leading strand synthesis of ColE 1-type plasmids is directed by the Primer
>RNA, which begins with the sequence 5' GCAAACAAAAAAACC... and ends 555
>nucleotides later with the sequence ...GGGGGGCGGACCUAUGGAAA 3'. DNA
>replication starts from RNase H cuts made at the final 3 A residues and
>continues around the plasmid. Lagging strand replication starts at about
>position 720 downstream from the start of Primer RNA transcription and is
>halted at about position 525 on the non-template strand until the
>replication fork passes that position. Lagging strand synthesis then
>continues until two concatenated double-stranded plasmids result. These
>are then resolved into separate entities.

I was asked for references.  Here are 3:

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