Tomato ubiquitin expression

Oskar oskar at
Fri Sep 15 15:28:46 EST 2000

Hi netters,
I am currently working on the study by RT-PCR of gene expression of a
tomato gene in different organs and conditions (after heat shock,
pathogen attack and also diurnal variations).
For normalization, I am using the ubiquitin ubi3 gene (Hoffman et al,
Plant Mol. Biol. 17, 1189-1201, 1991) but I am concerned its expression
is not as constitutive as I may want and that ubi3 itself may be
subjected to changes of expression in the above conditions.
I would greatly appreciate if someone could give me some information on
ubi3 (or other ubiquitin genes) expression on tomato.

Best regards


Oscar Martinez de Ilarduya
Dept of Nematology
University of California, Riverside

Tel: (909)-787-3914
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