DNA stick to agarose gel!

Susanne Rohrer "srohrer(removethis)" at immv.unizh.ch
Mon Sep 18 04:24:03 EST 2000

Rajeswari Srinivasan wrote:

> Hi ,
> I extract DNA by CTAB method and purify by phenol chloroform
> extraction.After washing I dry the DNA to remove ethanol
> completely.Still,everytime, in agarose gel ,part of the DNA sticks to
> the well.

Could it be overdrying?

Or try the freeze-squeeze method, Tautz, D.,Renz, M. (1983) An optimized
freeze-squeeze method for the recovery of DNA fragments from agarose
gels. Anal Biochem 132 (1) 14-19. Basically, you freeze the Agarose
slice in Dry ice/EtOH and spin down , add a little TE and do it again,
then precipitate. I didn't bother Phenol extracting even for a ligation.
but I had quite a lot of DNA.


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