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I really like using Qiagen's Plant DNA isolation kit (no affiliation).  It
is very fast and gives good quality DNA.    They have both a mini scale and
a large scale.  If you are not doing lots of preps, this is a cost
effective approach, I think.  As for your specific problem of degradation,
one possibility is that some of your tissue may be thawing before it gets
extracted with the buffer.  Could this be the problem?


>I am working first time on plant DNA isolation.I got a lot of
>difficulties for standardisation of a protocol for isolating the
>same.Finally somehow I am able to isolate the DNA but the problem now
>is that when I check the DNA in the agarose gel a portion of the DNA is
>degraded.Although I repeated the isolation many times the problem is
>there.I request a suggestion or better if any body provides me with a
>better protocol so that I come out of this problem.Thanking in advance.
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