How to denature dsDNA and prevent re-annealing?

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Mon Sep 18 11:55:01 EST 2000


We are trying various DNA labelling techniques and need various lengths of
ssDNA.	I know there are ssDNA phage sequences available for purchase, such
as M13, however Im sure there is a simple and affordable way to do this,
since we dont really care as to the sequence.  I was thinking of just
denaturing a DNA ladder. However, with all the various methods for denaturing
DNA for different proceedures, I have not found any that ensure or are
purposeful for preventing the re-annealing of the DNA, in order to isolate
the ssDNA. Does anyone know of a simple denaturing of DNA method and reagent
conditions to prevent re-annealing?  As it will be later chemically modified,
the less (reactive) components in the reagent, the better.

Thank you,
Mike Braden
Marker Gene Technologies

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